THE WORK OUT. SticMan interview

Interview by G.A. and Myra Robinson

Along with G.A. of Urbanfit we stayed up the night before going over points to cover, pondering the validity and inspiration of the Workout. The member of Dead Prez sounds evolved and inspired in his lyrical out-put. There is a distinct frequency of soundness and peace that exudes from every track. Stic man is not the same man he was in Dead Prez; he is better and in this interview, I’d discover why and how evolution has its way right down to his name.

UF: What is the motivating factor behind your album?
SM: The motivating factor behind my album is my life-force, battles with health issues, family, substance and addiction. These are things I grew up around. The American diet, fast food, unhealthy soul food played apart along with smoking and drinking. At -22, I suffered from a medical condition called gout. This lead to a prescription from Dr. Killer that offered no major change in my lifestyle, so my wife, a holistic health counselor said she could heal me herself. Shock treatment and a radical lifestyle shift along with martial arts and a vegan diet are factors. I have 2- years sober and weed free. All are contributing factors to this album’s release.
UF: Sounds like healing was the motivating factor. That is a walk in the right direction.
SM: Right on! The album is new but I have been on this road for 10 years. This album is not only about fitness about the mind-set and I needed to stay inspired with music. I also feel I needed to do more than what Dead Prez was doing with the political rhetoric. We get pigeon hold and I wanted to show evolution and get away from some of these boxes.
UF: Evolution is the word!
SM: Word, word.
UF: Back to the workout, back to the regimen. Does that mean Stic-man deviated for a spell?
SM: Yeah, for sure. Anybody who changes, you know from a guy just starting out experiencing highs and lows in focus and discipline. Maybe I’m the only one, I don’t know.
UF: No, you are not the only one.
SM: I have to have a certain focus in my life but then there are times I veer off. I was practicing better health but I was also smoking and drinking and sometimes that would throw you off your daily discipline.
UF: Distractions.
SM: I know that concept is universal, so people need to be reminded. You listen to people talk about when they were young, “I use to run track or when I was young I use to be in the gym all the time and I kind of got out of it. Back to the workout, back to the regimen was the anthem that say’s, we can get back on it as easy as we got off it.
UF: I can concur on that playing basketball in school. Exercise changes your thinking. It is an internal working that changes inside out. I see you have evolved as an artist how you’ve spread from healing yourself to your entire being and life. And your wife is beautiful.
SM: Thank you.
UF: I am a fan of you both because I see you working as a dyad-coming together to become one.
SM: My wife, Afya, that’s my comrade. We are best friends. She had a tremendous impact on my growth, my life and health consciousness. We support each in many ways. I am very fortunate to not only have my own determination, but her support and knowledge and her comradery with me.
UF: I imagine that is beautiful. Sounds like you have someone for your overall health.
SM: I’m excited (clearing his throat) excuse me it is from all the touring and performing.
UF: Don’t worry about it.
SM: I feel liberated for the move. I locked myself in my home studio creating a brand new environment with pictures of Mohammed Ali, Bruce Lee, made an altar to my grandfather and an aloe plant to give me some energy and I locked in. It was the beats, the lyrics and calisthenics while I was training and making music. There was that spirit of, this is what I am supposed to be doing and I am hoping someone can get something out of it, some motivation. As for me, I am already satisfied in the creation process.
UF: Stic man I hear you.
SM: My homies call me Jehovah’s Fitness.
UF: (laughter) That’s clever and true.
SM: I got a new gospel. At the same time I want to say I never forget where I came from and I never want to come off as being self righteous or judgmental. As a community there are so many things bombarding us with our health, economic situations to the lack of information. Simply, health consciousness is not popular in our communities even in the schools. Cheese, eggs and the like and we as brown and black people are lactose intolerant. So many things contribute to our state of mind, so I come with passion wanting my sermon to be an example and not my judgment.
UF: “Let my example be my sermon and not my judgment. I hear that.” Yogamat. Love this track; it number one on my list off the album.
SM: Oh, word.
UF: Took some keywords from your song because they stood out to me.
Well-rounded, re-adjust, vice-versa, yin-yang and wise actions were words used to paint a portrait of who you are becoming, the process in (the state of ing, a theory of mines), and your lyrical content. You bring strength to the art and make yoga attractive for let’s say the brother who may not consider yoga. How did you come up with a song about yoga? What was the inspiration? Was that an easy concept for you?
SM: I had the chance to expand practicing yoga. I practice Bikram yoga. My homie was like, yo, I’m going to this room, and you’d love it. At that time I had a lot of stress and needed things to be more in order in my life. My mom had recently got ill with diabetes, so I agreed to go and when I first walked in I knew this exactly what I need right here!
UF: (laughter) I understood his comfort.
SM: From the sweat, breathing and internal focus. I kind of got addicted to that and would use it as a part of my life instead of saying, “let’s go light something up,” I got a high off of the endorphins. That’s were the yoga part came in. I also studied the teachings of Buddha and not the religion passed own. The teachings are actually practical and functional. Many of my lyrics come from these teachings and I’m able to create something I can share. Everybody got their theories, religion and I am not a religious person, but I have to say reading Buddha and applying it to my emotions, relationships, expectations and frustrations gave me solutions and influenced my attitude today. Yogamat is a tribute to this processing as you said.
UF: When I hear you talk about change I get a visual.
SM: It is a metaphor for you being centered, but fluid.
UF: Centered but fluid. Nice. I see a coal miner in his hat with the light on the front and his shovel digging because it is about self-discovery. Yogamat puts me in that state of mind.
SM: That’s beautiful and a powerful symbolism. The coal miner and the light on the helmet is where the pineal gland is; that’s the light.
UF: You are there with me.
SM: You never know what people will resonate with when you just doing you. When I see that it’s encouraging.
UF: It’s your lyrical content.
SM: Word.
UF: Afya, the queen, you guys have a book coming out, Healthy Relationships.
SM: Right, Revolutionary Love.
UF: We need that. I must ask, how? After 18 years?
SM: Well, the book is the long version.
UF: And I will have that.
SM: The short version is, “team work makes the dream work.”
UF: Let me write that down (laughter).
SM: When we met I was performing some ghetto poetry in my hood and she happened to be in the crowd and she came up and said I really enjoy your work and she struck me as this pure individual. I suppose she saw something in me that made her come up. We had a friendly conversation at that moment and we never stop from that moment and we’ve been through everything you can imagine as far as relationships. I met her at 19 she was 18 and as teens going through and turning into a man. I was also dealing with substance abuse, infidelity, finances and everything we can imagine. We are still best friends and hot like fire.
UF: Hot like fire! Ain’t nothing wrong with that. I’m inspired to help folk too. I commend you for what you are doing because we need it. Back to the workout, back to the regimen.
SM: I am encouraged by people putting in work of mentorship because I am a product of mentorship. The good thing about health and fitness is it’s always on time and always practical.

As a person who appreciates an individual, I view Stic Man as a talent, realist and a survivor. His journey is seasoned with many success and pitfalls, but what amazes me is his endurance and end result. His career is revolutionary, moving forward in stages and up in levels. He truly has come out of the cave and is presently standing on its outer landing evolved and healthy. No, there is nothing wrong with the cave experience, as long as you have light and that light is the centered fluidity guided by the pineal gland, Stic Man discussed in the interview. Rather you are a Dead Prez fan or a Stic Man fan of today, there is longevity and attraction to productivity and Stic Man exemplifies this. It takes courage to follow your gut and create good wholesome music folk can vibe to and feel good about. His music is motivating and inspiring as all music should be. Go out and buy the record to get an overall health rejuvenation that is sure to have you back to the workout, back to the regimen because overall health is the matter. As Stic Man states, The good thing about health and fitness is it’s always on time and always practical.

For the record, Stic Man’s name has changed according to his ancestry and purpose in this life. He is Khnum, meaning builder. Talking with the artist, the name is quite fitting.

published 2013.

Our Unhealthy Children. Lakeisha Thorpe

Imagine you have diabetes, hypertension and are also 20-30 pounds overweight. In addition, you are unable to gain access to healthier foods or safe, easy ways to exercise. It does not stop there; let’s continue the vision: you are also unaware of how dangerously unhealthy you are becoming. The final piece of the vision; you are only 10 years old. Are you shocked? Unfortunately, you shouldn’t be. The aforementioned scenario is one that numerous children and adolescents live with daily. Our youth has become increasingly unhealthy for the last three decades. Since the early 1970s, the youth of this country has been on a steady increase of excessive weight gain. In fact, the prevalence of excessive weight gain in children and adolescents has actually doubled since the 1970s.

While just over 30% of male and 30% of female children and adolescents suffer from excessive weight gain, the minority community suffers more severely overall. Of course, it should be noted that children and adolescents from all nationalities and ethnicities can have excessive weight gain which can lead to negative health effects. However, it is far more likely for children and adolescents of African American and Hispanic descent to have excessive weight gain and the corresponding negative health effects because of these risk factors.

Instead of getting bogged down with more numbers and statistics, we need to establish a better understanding of excessive weight gain. If you are told that you suffer from excessive weight gain, that means that your Body Mass Index or BMI measures higher than the normal range. The important thing to note with BMI in children and adolescents is that it is calculated differently than it is in adults. In children and adolescents BMI is calculated to determine underweight, overweight and risk for being overweight. This is because the amount of fat in a child’s body gradually changes as he/she grows. Furthermore, girls and boys differ in their body fatness as they continue to grow and reach puberty. These are the reasons why BMI for children, sometimes called BMI for age, tends to be age and gender specific. Once the BMI for children and adolescents is calculated, it is placed on age and gender specific charts. These charts measure the BMI in children and adolescents between the ages of 2-20.

Typically, persons between the ages of 2-20 should be healthier and more active than their older counterparts. Unfortunately, innovations in computers, video game systems, personal video players, a lack of educational funding and unsafe environments have put a hindrance on what was once abundant exercise and activity. This is especially the case for inner city children and adolescents who do not always have a safe outdoor environment in which to play and exercise. Due to the rise in crime in most cities and the lack of safe recreational facilities, many parents do not feel safe allowing their children out to play. Due to socioeconomic barriers, activities once taken for granted are nearly lost to them altogether.

On the other hand, with so much going on inside why would a child voluntarily go outside to play? They have all-day playmates inside. With the vast amount of television shows to watch and video games to play, it is far more interesting to stay inside and play. Plus, parents know where their children are when they are safely guarded in the home.

Lastly, with the amount of funds constantly being stripped from educational spending, after-school and outdoor activities are being lost at an alarming rate. Thus children and adolescents are not only unable to learn about how unhealthy they may be, they are also not afforded any way to become healthier. These factors are leading our youth to have excessive weight gain and the related negative health effects.
With these factors continuing to worsen, most of our children or adolescents that have excessive weight gain will carry that weight with them into adulthood. Essentially, that means that they will also carry with them the negative health effects that come along with excessive weight gain. Oftentimes, these are chronic illnesses that worsen with age need constant treatment and have no cure.

Illnesses such as asthma tend to run in higher instances in overweight children and adolescents. There are also a large number of overweight children and adolescents with Type 2 Diabetes. This is one of the most significant reasons for the rise in Adult Diabetes. In the mid 1990s, the percentage of childhood diabetes rose to 16% verses the 2 to 4 % that it was in the early 1990s. These same children and adolescents are also 12.6 times more prone to have higher fasting blood sugar levels, one of the number one risk factors for Type 2 Diabetes. This form of diabetes is predominantly seen among children and adolescents of African American and Hispanic descent. There is also hypertension which is 9 times more likely in children and adolescents that are overweight than not. Hypertension also tends to be more prevalent in persons of African American and Hispanic descent. These negative health conditions are enhanced by high sugar and high fat diets that are usually found in the homes of African American and Hispanic communities. These are also the same ethnic groups that tend to live in inner cities where crime is higher, and educational funds are smaller.

Children and adolescents that are in the category of overweight not only have to deal with the physical effects but also the psychological effects of being overweight. Usually these children are subjected to teasing, alienation, sadness, negative stereotyping, depression and eating disorders. At times, parents of overweight children and adolescents often take a forceful approach to getting their children to lose weight. This, too, can often be perceived as negative and actually do more harm that good. So we are left with the burning question of what can we do to help our youth?

It is important to understand why and what has caused our youth to be overweight. Is it lifestyle alone or is environmental factors or perhaps genetics? Typically, it is a mixture of all three and with positive reinforcement and support we can help our children eat better and get the exercise that they need. That way we can give them the foundation to be healthy, happy and emotionally sound adults.
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HealthSurvival tips by Monicah Sah

About Author

Founder of Ideal Balance, Monica Shah is a holistic nutrition and life balance expert. She helps busy professionals find simple ways to eat better, exercise and find more balance in their lives. Often called “the irreverent nutritionist”, Monica’s approach to being healthy is simple, fun and long-lasting. To find out more about her program and to sign up for her FREE initial consultation and FREE nutrition tips please visit .

Southern Style Shaolin Hung Ga Kung Fu with..


Born in Trenton, New Jersey, USA, Hru has

trained in various styles of martial arts such as Korean Tae Kwon Do, Korean
Sin Moo Hapkido, and Chinese Southern Style Hung Ga Kung Fu since he was a child.

In the Spring of 1998, Hru started Shaolin Kung Fu training with Chaan Tzu Ismail Saadat in Trenton, New Jersey, USA for 1 year but had to take several years off from training due to a car accident.

After years of recovering from a near fatal car accident in 1999, Hru started back training with Sin Moo Hapkido Dojunim/Founder Grandmaster Ji Han Jae in 2005 where he was given specialized training for one year.

In 2006, Hru joined the Southern Shaolin Academy in Ewing, New Jersey, USA. Hru has trained over 7yrs in Traditional Southern Style

earned his title as a Red Sash Lo Si/Instructor.

Hru has also been trained in the US Army for 11yrs in Specialized Self-Defense techniques, and hand to hand combat.

Hru relocated to Abu Dhabi, UAE in the summer of 2011 and has found a home teaching Southern Style Shaolin Hung Ga Kung Fu at the Al Ain Rotana Hotel in Al Ain, UAE.


The long term affects of what I’m doing to help these children is that it will give them some foundation, discipline, guidance and respect

for themselves and respect for their parents. That’s a big thing that we are missing now a days in society. There is no respect for our elders. When I was younger and we were walking down the street and if we were cursing we’d tighten up or straighten up if we saw an elder. If the elder heard us then we would apologize.

You don’t get that these days. There’s alot of disrespect and there is a big disconnect from our elders and our youths. That’s a big problem! So what I’m trying to do is bridge that gap. Because of that I am always involved with the youth even when I was back in the states. I was always doing something for them whether if I was just talking to them or getting involved with young entrepreneur programs or anything dealing with the youth. I was a single father for 16 years with no help from my children’s mother whatso- ever. That was a struggle but it kept me connected with my own children who are adults now.


Yes it definitely is worth it!

We are all from the same source. There is only one source and that’s energy. That energy is all of us broken down into individuals. When we are not reaching out to help our brothers and sisters we are not helping out ourselves.

We are going to be affected directly or indirectly by those actions. So anytime you get a chance to reach one of those children even if it’s just one you’ve done a great job because that one is going to reach one. Like they say, “Each one reach one and each one teach one.”

So we have to continue doing our duties to being a light in the midst of all this darkness. There is alot of darkness and chaos going on in the planet right now. So folks like you and myself have to continue doing our duties in staying right.

We have to do it internally and externally to be an example for these kids because alot of them say that they don’t have any role models in the black community. I don’t believe that or accept that. It can even

be the person next door
or that sister on the other side. There is someone that they can look to for respect. It’s that child’s decision whether he wants to respect that person or not.

We are all individuals. We all make our own minds up as to what we want to do and how we are going to do it .These youths now a days going through all this destruction are able to make their own decisions.

They have the power to decide whether they can do right or wrong. I think it’s all about ego.

I think they are trying to impress their peers to the point where they can be accepted.

Thanks for your time Hru Unikh, we wish you continued success.

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