Great News!

We got really good news for you!

After the release of our first beta test of the Urbanfitmagworld App we got some great feed back on what you truly wanted. What’s that?

Drum roll please…

That’s the ability to go on live instantly! Now this is the time for your members to host their lives as well! Just like the 2 letter place but without blocked accounts or being censored for speaking your mind. It gets better and better. ‘Mo money, Mo money, mo Money’  – In Living Color reference lol. I’ve been on these 2 letter apps that censored my posts or even blocked accounts for speaking my mind. And what about those algorithms? We’re algorithm free. The best thing is the guarantee that your data will be safe.

Take the underground rail road to the promise land for messaging.

S/O to Harriet Tubman

Now even better news! We’re releasing another Beta test and your invited for free memberships for a limited time only.

If you would to participate in our now next beta please subscribe to our mailing list.

text: URBANFIT to 22828

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