Southern Style Shaolin Hung Ga Kung Fu with..


Born in Trenton, New Jersey, USA, Hru has

trained in various styles of martial arts such as Korean Tae Kwon Do, Korean
Sin Moo Hapkido, and Chinese Southern Style Hung Ga Kung Fu since he was a child.

In the Spring of 1998, Hru started Shaolin Kung Fu training with Chaan Tzu Ismail Saadat in Trenton, New Jersey, USA for 1 year but had to take several years off from training due to a car accident.

After years of recovering from a near fatal car accident in 1999, Hru started back training with Sin Moo Hapkido Dojunim/Founder Grandmaster Ji Han Jae in 2005 where he was given specialized training for one year.

In 2006, Hru joined the Southern Shaolin Academy in Ewing, New Jersey, USA. Hru has trained over 7yrs in Traditional Southern Style

earned his title as a Red Sash Lo Si/Instructor.

Hru has also been trained in the US Army for 11yrs in Specialized Self-Defense techniques, and hand to hand combat.

Hru relocated to Abu Dhabi, UAE in the summer of 2011 and has found a home teaching Southern Style Shaolin Hung Ga Kung Fu at the Al Ain Rotana Hotel in Al Ain, UAE.


The long term affects of what I’m doing to help these children is that it will give them some foundation, discipline, guidance and respect

for themselves and respect for their parents. That’s a big thing that we are missing now a days in society. There is no respect for our elders. When I was younger and we were walking down the street and if we were cursing we’d tighten up or straighten up if we saw an elder. If the elder heard us then we would apologize.

You don’t get that these days. There’s alot of disrespect and there is a big disconnect from our elders and our youths. That’s a big problem! So what I’m trying to do is bridge that gap. Because of that I am always involved with the youth even when I was back in the states. I was always doing something for them whether if I was just talking to them or getting involved with young entrepreneur programs or anything dealing with the youth. I was a single father for 16 years with no help from my children’s mother whatso- ever. That was a struggle but it kept me connected with my own children who are adults now.


Yes it definitely is worth it!

We are all from the same source. There is only one source and that’s energy. That energy is all of us broken down into individuals. When we are not reaching out to help our brothers and sisters we are not helping out ourselves.

We are going to be affected directly or indirectly by those actions. So anytime you get a chance to reach one of those children even if it’s just one you’ve done a great job because that one is going to reach one. Like they say, “Each one reach one and each one teach one.”

So we have to continue doing our duties to being a light in the midst of all this darkness. There is alot of darkness and chaos going on in the planet right now. So folks like you and myself have to continue doing our duties in staying right.

We have to do it internally and externally to be an example for these kids because alot of them say that they don’t have any role models in the black community. I don’t believe that or accept that. It can even

be the person next door
or that sister on the other side. There is someone that they can look to for respect. It’s that child’s decision whether he wants to respect that person or not.

We are all individuals. We all make our own minds up as to what we want to do and how we are going to do it .These youths now a days going through all this destruction are able to make their own decisions.

They have the power to decide whether they can do right or wrong. I think it’s all about ego.

I think they are trying to impress their peers to the point where they can be accepted.

Thanks for your time Hru Unikh, we wish you continued success.

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