I need your help!! Do you have a phone with IOS? #Betatest

Time is running out for the testing phase of the Urbanfitmag app before it’s launching coming soon! Right now we’re searching for volunteers to become members or club owners and participate in the app’s features. 
From hosting 1 on 1’s to live group sessions it’s perfect for instructors, teachers, rappers/singers and you will have a messenger service w/ chat rooms for your members of your group (club owners). Also as a club owner you’ll have a virtual room for galleries to display your work that you can sell or your members/prospects can submit theirs to. This is great for contests and competitions such as art, documents music videos and more. Here’s the fun part: You have a place to hold contests and give rewards through our coins and point system. Our main objective is for you and your clients, to have a fun experience keeping long lasting prosperous relationships.

“Steve Jobs helped create a movement and technology to advance the people that changed the world.” -Gabe Day

Here is the public link for ios users:

Here is the public link for ios users:

Go to Step 1. Download #testflight and to step 2-> Start testing 

Step 3-> customize your page 

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