Let’s go!

Advantages of a VIP member on UrbanFitMag app 


The Instructor 

Place for your clients to see your schedule 

  • Clients receive first chances at discounts, free rewards and news before it goes public 
  • A messenger service where people in your group can communicate 
  • A wall for your people in your club to post documents, photos, videos 
  • A coin system to give rewards coin rewards for their participation in the app Examples: Posts, Likes, Comments and Purchases
  • Vip members can have 1 on 1’s or a classroom set up
  • Those instructors are encouraged to include those classes in the membership fee. However you can host your own special classes with their own fee
  • Rewards system for closings of memberships.  Member invites without closing is also tallied. However more rewards for those that you close 

You are our Vip when you sign up with us! 


The Artist/ Producer/ Musician 

We created this platform especially for you by bringing  you as the artist/producer/musician  to VIP status giving your fans a common place to share their pics from your last concert, posts of their favorite song, even that crazy outfit they saw you sporting at your last event. There’s also messenging for those who rather not post in the forum. Sounds awesome right? It’s like Reddit fans moving in to your place that we call your ‘CLUB’.Your potential to sell your merchandise can be off the roof depending on your motivation and creativity by hosting contests with prizes and give aways to show your members how you appreciate their business. Also you offer exclusivity to those who are connected to your ig fb and Twitter fans at one place! You can do live performances for your fans by posting the event in the calendar where they can purchase tickets by coins. Coin bonuses for the amount of participants you bring to your live. Our concept is when you win we all win. Our goal is to have a million members signed up with your help! We can do this. Let’s go! 

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