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We’re an app for that!

Don’t Panic!! 4We have good news!!! 🙂 After the release of our first beta test of the Urbanfitmagworld App we got great feed back on what you truly want. What’s that? Drum roll please… That’s the ability to go live when you want to! Your members can host their lives as well with a window […]


Our exclusive VIP Soccer Jerseys are now in stock! Workout Gear Currently Taking 0rders!

Great News!

We got really good news for you! After the release of our first beta test of the Urbanfitmagworld App we got some great feed back on what you truly wanted. What’s that? Drum roll please… That’s the ability to go on live instantly! Now this is the time for your members to host their lives […]

THE WORK OUT. SticMan interview

Interview by G.A. and Myra Robinson Along with G.A. of Urbanfit we stayed up the night before going over points to cover, pondering the validity and inspiration of the Workout. The member of Dead Prez sounds evolved and inspired in his lyrical out-put. There is a distinct frequency of soundness and peace that exudes from […]

Our Unhealthy Children. Lakeisha Thorpe

Imagine you have diabetes, hypertension and are also 20-30 pounds overweight. In addition, you are unable to gain access to healthier foods or safe, easy ways to exercise. It does not stop there; let’s continue the vision: you are also unaware of how dangerously unhealthy you are becoming. The final piece of the vision; you […]

HealthSurvival tips by Monicah Sah

About Author Founder of Ideal Balance, Monica Shah is a holistic nutrition and life balance expert. She helps busy professionals find simple ways to eat better, exercise and find more balance in their lives. Often called “the irreverent nutritionist”, Monica’s approach to being healthy is simple, fun and long-lasting. To find out more about her […]

Southern Style Shaolin Hung Ga Kung Fu with..

HRU UNIKH HOTEP ATN RA Born in Trenton, New Jersey, USA, Hru has trained in various styles of martial arts such as Korean Tae Kwon Do, KoreanSin Moo Hapkido, and Chinese Southern Style Hung Ga Kung Fu since he was a child. In the Spring of 1998, Hru started Shaolin Kung Fu training with Chaan […]

I need your help!! Do you have a phone with IOS? #Betatest

#opencall#instructors#artists#musicians#filmmakers#talentsearch#recordingartist#producers#testflight#betatest Time is running out for the testing phase of the Urbanfitmag app before it’s launching coming soon! Right now we’re searching for volunteers to become members or club owners and participate in the app’s features. From hosting 1 on 1’s to live group sessions it’s perfect for instructors, teachers, rappers/singers and you will have a […]

Let’s go!

Advantages of a VIP member on UrbanFitMag app  Example: The Instructor  Place for your clients to see your schedule  Clients receive first chances at discounts, free rewards and news before it goes public  A messenger service where people in your group can communicate  A wall for your people in your club to post documents, photos, […]


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